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Minebuild Nations is a multi-player server on the hit indie game, Minecraft. The owner of Minebuild is fccardiff otherwise known as Finn, or fcc. The server has over 200 members and is still growing! Also, the server has a new host now! It is now on a dedicated server. All players and staff are very welcoming of new members and it is very easy to start out in!


Minebuild has over 40 plugins including, but not limited to, Faction, Towny, and Spout! We are 200 strong and are growing fast. If you would like to join Minebuild you can logon to Minecraft and go to this ip in Multiplayer : It's that easy. There isn't a white-list and you don't have to sign up, unless you want to go to the Creative world, which you will need to sign up for on At MineBuild's Website, you can also sign up and start a forum post on our Forum.

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